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Volume 4 (2014)

Volume 4, Issue 4 (2014)

  Original Article 1- Changes in the Pattern of Chitin Deposition in The Integument of Fifth Instar Larvae of Silkworm, Bombyx  mori (L) (Pm X Csr2) Topically Applied With Various Concentrations Of Acetone Solution Of Retinol V. B. Khyade , K. Slama Page 159- 167 PDF (1090KB) Abstract The ten microliters …

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Volume 4, Issue 3 (2014)

  Original Article 1- Effects of Deforestation on the Edaphic Features and Phytodiversity of Selected Plants of Shangus Forests, South Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) S.A. Shameem , I. Nabi Kangroo , Sh. ud dinTak , A. Nisar Page 111-118 PDF (917KB) Abstract The results of soil characterises showed pH acidic to …

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Volume 4, Issue 2 (2014)

  Original Article 1- A quantitative analysis of the homestead timber and fruit species diversity in two different agro ecological zones of Bangladesh J. Akhter , H. M. Shahin Alam , M. N. Rahman Page 53- 59 PDF (866KB) Abstract Two different administrative districts have been selected with the objective of …

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Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014)

Original Article 1- Tree diversity changes over a decade (2003-2013) in four inland tropical dry evergreen forest sites on the Coromandel Coast of India E. Pandian , N. Parthasarathy Page 1- 18 PDF (1563KB) Abstract Forest tree diversity inventory and its periodical monitoring are important to understand the changes in tree …

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